Name: lorna
Languages: English, Spanish
Age: 28 years old
Interested in: Everybody
Body type: Athletic
Specifics: Shaven
Ethnicity: Latina
Hair: Black
Eye color: Brown
Subculture: None

Nice that you are reading my biography.I am 25 years old, I like traveling and learning about new places and cultures I also enjoy time in the gym, I love exercising my legs and my ass. I regularly like to cook and if I don’t know how to prepare something specific I like to learn. I listen to any type of music and I like quiet plans. I am passionate about bdsm, I identify more with the submissive part, I love being dominated and giving the control.Among the practices that I enjoy the most is spanking, I love having my ass very red, I like bondsge, I am also a masochistic girl who likes to receive pain and be rewarded with a lot of pleasure.